Neonz are taking over spaces online and IRL. On June 17th we kicked off the #SummerOfNeonz with our latest AR addition NEONZ.FACEZ. We converted over 150 traits into 3d AR wearables.
Purchase our NeonzFacez AR token to activate any Neonz you own on your face OR join our discord for a bunch of airdrop giveaways!  We’re hosting daily giveaways and airdrop parties in the discord. Once you’re wearing your Neonz in AR, get creative, film yourself in interesting places and situations, and then share that video to twitter with the #NeonzInTheWild


- Video submissions open: 17 June
- Video submissions close: 27 June
- Reviews and voting begins: 28 June
- Results announcement: 1 July


London’s first immersive 3-day festival showcasing art, fashion and music through the lens of metaverse culture and NFT-backed technology. Powered by Tezos Foundation and hosted in Fabric, the iconic London venue, this event will feature over 50 artists, multi sensorial experiences using blockchain technology, live music performances by cutting edge DJs, and a curated programme of panel talks.

Neonz will debut our brand new game ‘Circuit Breaker’! Yes! Visitors to Proof of People exhibition will be able to sit down at a Neonz terminal, and speed run as a Neonz avatar through a neon maze of moving platforms, obstacles and hidden dimensions!


Metaverse Summit July 16 - 17

Parisians, behold our latest popup boutique! We have a special Neonz Facez exhibition happening at the Metaverse Summit, 2022 in Paris!. Any visitors to the event will be able to step up to the large Neonz screen to try on our new Neonz AR wearables! 
Find out more here:


as some of you might know if you visit my personal portfolio, I like to create projects that challenge the norms whilst doing good for the world. An exciting project is in the works where our Neonz will be teaming up with not for profit org, TierraGrata in Colombia. We will be hosting a hackathon in Colombia where we teach local devs how to create LightFieldz. The sale of the new LightFieldz will then go to Tierra Grata who will use the money to purchase real world LED lights and then deliver those LEDs to remote communities in need.

Our Neonz community will literally bring light to these communities. This project is being created in collaboration with my friend Stjin Jansen and Huge, a global marketing company, who will be helping us to host the hackathon and document the event when the project rolls out. More info on that project is coming in July. I hope through being involved in projects like this, we can all feel proud about the type of community we're trying to build here. One that is fun and looks cool in a retro-futuristic scifi kinda way, but also cares and want to use our high voltage Neon energy to activate some good!